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AMAN SINAYA - In Filipino mythology, Aman Sinaya is the all powerful goddess of the sea. Known as the protector of those at sea, she embodies resilience. 

According to the mythology, Aman Sinaya was one of the three primary deities, along with Bathala and Amihan, and the three of them created the first mortals from a bamboo shoot. It is said that she was rival to Bathala, and their fighting caused the creation of the Philippine archipelago. She sent powerful waves and in return Bathala shot back with earth, which created the islands and mountains, surrounded by ocean. They eventually became friends and it was then when she fashioned the first humans with Bathala and Amihan. Aman Sinaya went on to create the many creatures of the sea.  

The Story Behind The DIYOSA Collection:


Diyosa is the Tagalog word for goddess. The ancient gods and goddesses of Greek and Roman Mythology have been widely celebrated and honored by people around the world. Philippine Mythology is also overflowing with ancient deities - representing everything from nature, to love, strength, beauty and wisdom. Why not celebrate them too? Honouring my Filipino heritage has always been important to me, especially through my work. The rich history of gods and goddesses of the Philippines date back to pre-colonial times, yet much of this history is slowly being erased. My wish for this collection is to pay homage to my cultural roots and share the magic of the gods and goddesses of my ancestors. 

Materials: ethically-sourced,100% recycled sterling silver & vintage diamond-shaped water pearls. 

Jewellery Care:

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