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AMIHAN -  In Philippine mythology, Amihan is the genderless deity of the wind, depicted as a golden bird. According to the Tagalog folklore, Amihan is the first creature to inhabit the universe, along with Bathala, god of the sky, and Aman Sinaya, goddess of the sea. Amihan is considered to be the guardian of the space between the sea and the sky. 

Amihan symbolizes peace, freedom and redemption.

One version of the legend says that Amihan turned into a bird to stop the war between Bathala and Aman Sinaya. Amihan was saddened by the fighting, and resolved to put an end to it by transforming into a great golden bird. Amihan began flying between the sky and the sea as a mediator between the warring deities, eventually helping Bathala and Aman Sinaya sort out their differences. 

As a peace offering, Bathala, planted a seed on the ocean floor. A bamboo reed grew and first humans, Malakas and Maganda, were born inside. Amihan is credited for saving the first humans by pecking them free from the bamboo they were born in. Amihan then flew Malakas and Maganda to one of the islands, where they settled and populated the Earth. 

In the Philippines, amihan also refers to one of the two kids of wind seasons that occur in the country. Amihan refers to the northeast monsoon, characterized by a cool and dry northeast wind. The air is cooler, there is less rain, and humidity is low, and thep sun doesn't feel as hot.  

Materials: solid brass, stainless steel posts

Dimensions: drop length of approx 6 cm and width of approx 5.5 cm


The Story Behind The DIYOSA Collection:

Diyosa is the Tagalog word for goddess. The ancient gods and goddesses of Greek and Roman Mythology have been widely celebrated and honored by people around the world. Philippine Mythology is also overflowing with ancient deities - representing everything from nature, to love, strength, beauty and wisdom. Why not celebrate them too? Honouring my Filipino heritage has always been important to me, especially through my work. The rich history of gods and goddesses of the Philippines date back to pre-colonial times, yet much of this history is slowly being erased. My wish for this collection is to pay homage to my cultural roots and share the magic of the gods and goddesses of my ancestors. 

Handcrafting these statement earrings is a true labour of love. The detailed patterns on the feathers are hammered in by hand, making each and every earring completely unique. 

Jewellery Care:

Brass is such a beautiful metal for a wide-variety of pieces, from everyday jewellery to big statement accessories. It’s durable & versatile – it can shine like gold, or develop a gorgeous patina for a lovely rustic look. All our brass jewellery is made from pure, untreated brass. It will develop a tarnish over time, but don’t fret! It can always be easily cleaned to look like new again. Brass can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Clean brass regularly to maintain the bright, golden shine. Or leave as is and allow the brass to develop a sought-after natural patina for a gorgeous rustic look.

For more detailed care instructions, visit our Jewellery Care page.


NOTE: All pieces are handmade to order. Processing times are currently 4 - 6 weeks BEFORE shipping. Once shipped, shipping times vary depending on destination and shipping service.
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