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pa·may·páy : the Tagalog word for a handheld fan.

It's hot. and I mean HOT. The sun is scorching down, and you're stuck in traffic shoulder to shoulder with strangers in a crowded jeepney. You envy the person across from you who was smart enough to not leave the house without a pamaypay. 

You're at a wedding, and the ceremony is outdoors. You can feel the sweat start to roll down your forehead and you're worried about your dress and makeup. Your partner notices your distress and hands you a fan. Thank God. 

The smell of lumpia reaches your nose. You enter the kitchen and your lola is there cooking a feast. She sees you enter the room and promptly places a pamaypay in your hand, instructing you to fan at the food until the guests arrive. 

You're 6 years old and playing dress-up. You're wearing a frilly dress, an over-sized sun hat, and your mother's pearl necklace. Your mother smiles and tells you how beautiful you are. "Ang ganda ng anak ko!" You open up a large fan and begin to dramatically fan yourself like the fancy ladies on television. You feel like royalty. 

Handheld fans are a must when in the Philippines. They're useful and practical, and have become absolutely beautiful pieces of tradition and culture. Our PAMAYPAY Earrings are in the shape of a closed folding fan to honour this. 

Materials: solid brass, green quartzite, and 14K gold-plated nickel-free hooks

Dimensions: Drop length is approximately 8 cm

The Story Behind the Collection:
The Araw Collection holds a special place in my heart, as it is a complete collaboration between my mom and I. Having my mom join my formerly one-person jewellery team this past year has been something I am truly grateful for. It has been a time of healing after grief and loss. Memories and bonding we'll never forget.
In creating this collection, we decided to celebrate our Filipino culture by incorporating elements that remind of us our second home, the Philippines. The Araw Collection pays homage to our family, our community, our ancestors, and our shared culture. This collection is open to everyone, and we are so happy to share.
We make each of your pieces carefully by hand with a lot of love. Making these pieces brings us so much joy, and we hope to pass on that joy to you as you wear our work.
- Much love, Sarah

Jewellery Care:

Brass is such a beautiful metal for a wide-variety of pieces, from everyday jewellery to big statement accessories. It’s durable & versatile – it can shine like gold, or develop a gorgeous patina for a lovely rustic look. All our brass jewellery is made from pure, untreated brass. It will develop a tarnish over time, but don’t fret! It can always be easily cleaned to look like new again. Brass can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Clean brass regularly to maintain the bright, golden shine. Or leave as is and allow the brass to develop a sought-after natural patina for a gorgeous rustic look.

For more detailed care instructions, visit our Jewellery Care page.

NOTE: All pieces are handmade to order. Processing times are currently 4 - 6 weeks BEFORE shipping. Once shipped, shipping times vary depending on destination and shipping service.
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